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Parent Company

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Accounts Details

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Builder Details



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Details of Property to be Insured

Contact Details for Site Inspection (if different to main point of contact)
Does the developer require cover for deposit protection?
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Defects Period

The policy includes a two year defect period effective from the property completion date.
Please confirm who will be accepting liability for this period:

Development Type
Property Type
Please provide an overview of the project being completed
If this is a Conversion or Refurbishment

What year was the existing property built?

* Applicable to conversions / refurbishments
How was the structure previously used?
Is the property a listed building and/or a protected structure?

Additional Information

Does the property or development include any basements or floors below ground level?
Does any part of the property or development include a flat roof?
Is there more than one flat roof on the Development Property?
If yes, what is the size of each roof?
N.B. If a flat roof has an individual area which is in excess of 10 m2 then that roof will not automatically be covered by our Building Warranty.
Do you require a quotation to cover any flat roof areas which are greater than 10 m2?
Is the property/development/site located in a conservation area?

Construction Methods

Foundation Type
Type of frame
Has any of the construction been undertaken off-site?
Is specialist cladding used?
Stage of Construction
Construction Start Date
Construction End Date
If construction has begun or is at completion stage, please confirm why a quotation was not sought from ICW previously:
Development Phases

For phased developments, please complete the below:

If more phases are anticipated please provide additional details to us separately.
Property Breakdown and Reinstatement Costs

Where your application is for more than one property we will require an accommodation schedule. This should include the following information so that we can assess the risk properly:

  • You should confirm the property type e.g. detached house, semi-detached or apartment
  • You should confirm if you wish to ensure any garage(s)
  • You should confirm the total size in square metres of each unit
  • You should advise us of the size in square metres of any common areas such as stairways and hallways (as applicable)

Please kindly upload this Accommodation Schedule along with the relevant plans at the end of this Application Form.


Building Control and Local Authority

Would you like a quote from ICW Building Control services?

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ICW Building Control for the purpose of providing you with your quotation.

If you have already appointed a building control provider, who will complete building control?
Building Control

Compliance Testing

During the design and as-built process there will be a requirement for you to obtain assistance in respect of compliance services:
ICW Technical Services have partnered with ATSPACE Ltd in order to assist in the delivery of those services.

With that in mind, would you like to receive a Free, No Obligation quotation in respect of any of the following Compliance Services?

SAP Calculations
Water Flow Rate Calculations
SBEM Calculations
As-Built Compliance
Air Pressure Testing
Sound Insulation Design & Testing
Ventilation Flow Rate Testing
If you would like any free consultancy on any of the above services irrespective of any quotation, please tick the box.

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Insurance History and Claims Experience

Have you or any director or partner or an individual or company included within this form:

Sustained any losses or had any claims in the last three years that would be covered by this insurance?
Ever been convicted or have a prosecution pending for any offence involving dishonesty of any kind?
Ever been refused property insurance or had any special terms imposed by an insurer?
Ever been prosecuted or received notification of intended prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 or Consumer Protection Act 1987?
Ever been involved with a property builder or construction company that has gone into liquidation/administration or been declared bankrupt in the past?
In relation to the property and/or development being proposed, are there any known circumstances or defects that may, or are likely to, give rise to a claim or have been the subject of a previous claim or remediation works?
Please use the box below to advise us of any additional information that may be relevant to the application.

Our Requirements

We will require a copy of the following in conjunction with your application form
  • Site Plan
  • Existing and Proposed Elevations
  • Floor Plans
  • Specification/scope of Works
  • Structural Report (if applicable)
  • Accommodation Schedule (if more than one property)
On completion of your project, the following will be required
  • Local Authority / Private Building Control Certificate
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Electrical Certificates
  • Gas Safety Certificates
  • Approved/As Built Drawings
  • Engineers drawings and calculations
  • Underpinning - Signed Report from Engineer or an IBG will be required. A copy of the Engineer's Professional Indemnity Certificate is also required
  • Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG), if applicable:
    • Timber and Damp Treatments
    • Basement waterproofing or tanking
    • Below groundwater proofing or tanking
    • Walls Below Ground Level
  • Additional documents may be required dependent upon the project type
Your Required Application Files

Data Protection Regulations

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